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The Adoption Application link is at the bottom of this page; please read all information before applying. Thank you!

Adopting a dog is a wonderful experience, and one we promote wholeheartedly. Adoptions save lives!
However, because a large part of our rescue’s mission is to adopt dogs to what we call “Forever” homes, we need to ensure that the adoptive homes are ready for one of our rescued dogs and give us reason to believe that they are fully committed to the care of any dog they adopt from us.
In order to do this, we require an application process. We want you to completely understand the process before jumping in with an application, so we do require applicants to read and understand our application guidelines, below:

You do not need to have a dog “picked out” before applying; we’ll be happy to help you find a compatible dog.

Adoption Application Process.

An adoption application is required in order to adopt a NBSTR dog. You can fill the application out online or request a printable application by email.

It may take up to 2 weeks to process the application.

We will not process incomplete applications, or applications without responsive, appropriate references. Phone numbers must be included.

If you have or have had pets in the past three years, you must include a veterinary reference.

  1. If you have or have had pets in the past three years that required grooming, you must include a groomer reference.

  2. If you not had pets within the last three years, you may still include a vet or groomer reference from your past pets, provided the vet or groomer will remember you and your pet history with them.

  3. Your personal references cannot be currently residing with you in your home, and only one personal reference can be a family member.

    If you rent, you must include landlord contact information. Landlords are not considered one of the options for the minimum three references.

  4. Please notify all your references before submitting your application, and give them permission to speak to New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue about you when we call them.

Families with Children Under age 8
We prefer that children of our adopters are over age 8, and most applicants with children under 8 years old who do not have a current or recently passed dog will be declined automatically. If families with children under 8 years old have a current dog, we may consider the application. Please understand that we do not hate children. What we hate is to place a dog with a family at the risk of the child being injured, the dog being injured, or the dog relinquished or euthanized once the family discovers the dog is not a good match for them or that they can’t give the dog the attention and care it requires.
If you have children under age 8 and want to be considered as adoptive candidates for one of our dogs, you should write to NBSTR before applying at .

Although we do not discriminate based upon race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or age, we do reserve the right to make placements appropriate for the dog which may be affected by an individual’s ability to care for the dog long term. This may include factors such as age of the dog related to age of the person, or activity level and needs of the dog related to an individual’s ability to give the dog appropriate company, exercise, and supervision.

Our adoption fees are not negotiable. Our current adoption fees are:
$350 – up to 1 year old Plus $20 micro chip fee
$300 – 1-2-3 years old Plus $20 micro chip fee
$250 – 4-5-6 years old Plus $20 micro chip fee
$200 – 7-8-9 years old Plus $20 micro chip fee
$150 – 10-11-12 years old Plus $20 micro chip fee
$100 – over 12 years old.

If the adoption is for a pair, lower the fee by $25 for each dog so that would be $50 less for the pair.

NBSTR Adoption Application

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